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Barreled Ceramic Tile Sealant

  • Barreled Ceramic Tile Sealant
  • Barreled Ceramic Tile Sealant
  • Barreled Ceramic Tile Sealant
Barreled Ceramic Tile SealantBarreled Ceramic Tile SealantBarreled Ceramic Tile Sealant

Barreled Ceramic Tile Sealant

  • Name: Ceramic Tile Sealant
  • Weight: 1KG/2KG
  • Color: Various Color Available
  • Production Capacity: 2tons/day
  • Product description: Product description: Dan Perry sealant features excellent performance against mildew and stain growth in the seams among ceramic tiles, with beautiful colors with match well with that of tiles.

Employing the exquisite technical processes and scientific formula, epoxy-based Dan Perry Ceramic Tile Seam Sealant has an excellent performance against the mildew and stain growth in the seams among ceramic tiles which has been plaguing millions of families in the world.  Compared with the traditional Grout, the epoxy-based innovative sealant features beautiful colors matching well with the tiles, easy cleaning and lasting effect against mildew and stains. The product has gained popularity quickly in China as a result of visible performance and the overall benefits including the better ensemble in indoor decoration.

All Dan perry prouducts have been Verified by SGS.


1. Clear the seams to ensure that there is on grouts or cement remains to avoid any poor adhesion between the sealant and the tiles.

2. Paste the adhesive paper tape at both sides of the seams before application.

3. Take usually 1/3 of the material out of each barrel (one is epoxy and the other the curing agent) and mix them together evenly and completely, after 1-2 minutes, apply the mixture into the seams of the tiles with dedicated tool and level up the mixture afterwards.

4. Level up the sealant with a specially designed tool and remove the adhesive paper tapes.

5. The mixed material in the seams will tentatively cure in about 4-5 hours and will completely cure in 24 hours. Then enjoy the effect.

Applicable Scope:

1. Various Ceramic tiles, Mosaics etc.

2. Kitchen countertop seams, Sink sealing, Wooden Skirting, Bathroom, Windowsill etc.

Business Term:

1. Port: Shanghai or Tianjin

2. Min. Order Qty.: 500 Kgs

3. Lead time: 15 days after confirming orders.

4. Payment: TT before shipment or L/C.

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