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Wuxi Titecool showcase at the 2017 Shanghai International Green Building Materials Expo

Wuxi Titecool Industrial Co., Ltd. presented the latest products at the 2017 Shanghai Expo., including dual cartridge ceramic tile sealant, barreled ceramic tile sealant, acylic-based ceramic tile sealant, epoxy-based waterborne ceramic tile sealant together with such related operation tools as caulking guns, shovels, levelers etc. Our booth was packed with visitors from both home and abroad as they showed great interest in our products and presentations. As a pioneer in the ceramic tile sealant industry, we have been attaching great importance in developing reliable and environment friendly proudcts and our efforts paid off as our sales have registered steady growth in the past few years.

We are ready to ship our products to overseas customers based on win-win cooperation, we have very flexible partnership patterns, and we are open for valuable suggestions and feedbacks from our customers abroad.

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