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Wuxi Titecool Industrial Co., Ltd. started in 2011 the research on the acrylic-based innovative sealant for the seams among ceramic tiles and the humid environment in the bathroom. Then in 2014 we innovated the new dual-cartridge two-component sealant based on epoxy whose performance against mildew and stain growth in the seams has been remarkably improved. Today our said products have gained popularity in China esp. for the indoor decoration of the new houses, luxury car sales outlets, well-known luxury hotels and other major projects. Our products not only feature the excellent performance in fighting against mildew growth but forms harmonious atmosphere between the ceramic tiles and other parts of the indoor decoration.

Considering the rich experience in cooperating with overseas business partners in the last 20 plus years, we would seek fresh partnership on this innovative products with old and new friends as well, if you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always at your service.



Contact: Johnny Guan

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Email: tegusealant@163.com

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